14 January 2010

Red Book by David Shrigley

I spent the whole afternoon in that coffee bar reading a few pages at a time, to even out the laughter. Having been a great fan for half a decade or so, I must say Red Book turned out to be one of Shrigley's most brilliant works. 

Read this red book. And visit the artist's website


36 titles
53% in English, 3% in French, rest Swedish
61% by female authors
36% by Scandinavian authors (mostly female graphic novelists)
14% by authors of Asian descent
25% on feminist issues
10%+ by/on Susan Sontag

Best reading experience: Little Gidding on the way to Little Gidding during T.S. Eliot International Summer School, London University. 

Guidelines for 2010: more, harder.

Big Questions #13 by Anders Nilsen: A House That Floats

Back to the thin paper quality but more life-saving than ever before.

Read two pages here

05 January 2010

Lady in Waiting: A New Nina Bouraoui

The novel is called Nos Baisers sont des adieux and will be out on Éditions Stock on March 24. I shall be holding my breath until then.