28 March 2008

17 March 2008

Galago #92


Galago is usually thick and on point. Once again I laugh out loud over Liv Strömquist's story where Swedish Minister of Finance Anders Borg ponders the question which movie is his favourite of all time: Pretty Woman. Fantastic.

Also in this issue the great Tardi, Tom Karlsson, Emma Rendel, Sara Granér and more and more.

Big Questions #6 by Anders Nilsen


Enter Pilot!

13 March 2008

Big Questions #5 by Anders Nilsen


"Certainty is a mirage."

12 March 2008

Big Questions #4 by Anders Nilsen


The plot thickens.

Big Questions #3 by Anders Nilsen


Since I came back from Antarctica/South Georgia/The Falklands all I seem capable of reading is Big Questions. Luckily I had saved #3-6 that I got from Drawn and Quarterly recently; I'm hoping #1-2 and 8 will be featured in the collection that D&Q will be publishing in the future. Reading the Idiot excerpts reminds me of Jon Fosse's plays and Tarjei Vesaas' The Birds that I got for present in Mallorca '06 and have yet to read.

05 March 2008

Weight by Jeanette Winterson


So this was the time to read it, in South Georgia. I have been trying many times before, without finding that perfect moment; not being able to carry all this. Weight. Winterson was one of the first authors asked by Canongate to rewrite an old myth, her focus being Atlas and to some extent Hercules. And writing, choosing your battles:

”If you go on believing in the fiction of your own parents, it is difficult to construct any narrative of your own.”

Now that is what this past year has been all about.

”I try not to burn up my world with rage.
It is so hard.”