30 November 2009

Kent - Texter om Sveriges största rockband - Edited by Håkan Steen

A collection of interviews, album/concert reviews and other articles from 1991-2006, all on the subject of Swedish band Kent

There was a time when I used to say I was all about hip hop - and Kent. Some thirteen years later, I'm sad to admit I've grown out of keeping up with the rap game. Kent, however, strangely remain as close as before. 

Perhaps it has to do with the fact that one has to fight so hard to love this country during these snowless winters. Especially in November, which happens to be a typical release month for new Kent albums. 

Or maybe it's just that even I have a lonesome middle-aged white male inside of me, a man who sits in a dark room with a bottle, longing for some understanding (and 80's pop)?

It's a good collection.

03 November 2009

Hundra procent fett by Liv Strömquist

Liv Strömquist is a genius. 

In fact, I'd say she's the funniest Swedish comic book artist of all time. Or, let me rephrase that, even: Strömquist's the funniest comic book artist of all time period. 

And Hundra procent fett is just the beginning.