23 November 2008

Questionnaire on Reading

Found this at Bokhora:

1. Your worst reading experience?
I seldom finish the ones I don't like. But I've only returned one book to the store, that was Claire Castillon's Insecte. The theme seemed quite interesting but the writing really turned me off.

2. Which book has affected you the most?
a) ntozake shange's for colored girls who have considered suicide when the rainbow is enuf .
b) Elektra: Assassin by Frank Miller and Bill Sienkiewicz.
c) Nina Bouraoui's Poupée Bella.

3. Have you read something that made you really scared?
When I was twelve, I was reading Fantastic Four comics for two days in a row until I started seeing fire and devils coming out of the pages. I was sh*t scared, but it didn't put me off reading comics. I also had an incident with a Dean R. Koontz book about insomnia that seemed to enter my brain, driving me into madness while in bed late one night. I quit reading my beloved Kings and Koontz after that.

4. What do you use for bookmarks?
Flyers, invitations, little drawings or other pieces of paper that I find around that go well with the book in question.

5. When do you read?
When on buses, trains and planes. In bed at night. In certain cafés during the day.

6. Which was the first book you ever read?
A Pixi book or my stepfather's first text book? I was 4.

7. Hardback or paperback?
Always paperback.

8. What are you reading at the moment?
a) Mixed - an Anthology of Short Stories Fiction on the Multiracial Experience. Edited by Chandra Prasad.
b) Black White and Jewish by Rebecca Walker.
c) Det är bara lite AIDS by Sara Granér.

9. What page are you on?
I won't bother to look.

10. Do you leave 'marks' in your books?
'Dogears' in fiction and poetry, but never in comics or books with photos inside.

11. Does the cover affect your buying/not buying a certain book?
Very much. And the font used. I also really like the Japanese way, the beautiful brown paper cover they give you with your purchase. Every store has its own.

12. Number of pages?
I prefer short. After all I am a poet.

13. Do you browse through to see the end?

14. Is there any book you've read more than once?
All the ones I really like I re-read.

15. Were you ever in an accident caused by a book?

16. Do you keep all your books, even the ones you don't like?
Lately I've tried to get rid of the really really bad ones.

17. Do you bring books to the bathroom?

18. Do you read in the bathroom?
Magazines only.

19. Do you keep any systems for your books? Reading/buying lists? Do you keep a reading diary?
I keep a purchase list at Adlibris, it's really really long. A shorter list for the library visits. And I have this reading blog.