27 April 2008

Bullefältet by Amanda Vähämäki


When we were kids, my cousin Oskar and I used to draw a lot together. Sometimes we made our own magazines. I remember his style being much more advanced than mine - he knew how to draw bears and monsters and his characters would usually be saying smart and political things I knew nothing about at the time. He would even draw his own mixtape covers, with very cool handwriting to match.

Amanda Vähämäki's wonderful pencil drawings remind me of Oskar's. And Bullefältet (also available in Italian and Finnish) is a magical and surreal graphic novel that stands for itself. I'm very happy to have had my copy signed with a beautiful drawing by the artist at the Stockholm spx08 this weekend.

Another one of Vähämäki's stories, The Prophet can be found over at Electrocomics.