10 December 2008

Not Finishing #3 - Winter Plans

I am not going to be too specific with my reading list this time. Think of it more like some titles I randomly throw out from my bookshelves to why not-maybe read this winter:

Ulrika Lorentzi - Något bara kvinnor kan?
Tobias Hübinette & Carina Tigervall - Adoption med förhinder
Tove Jansson - Mumin: Tove Janssons Samlade Serier del 1
Christian Catomeris - Det ohyggliga arvet
Liv Strömquist - Einsteins fru
Rebecca Walker - Baby Love
Fanny Ambjörnsson - Vad är queer
Elisabeth Hjorth - Kärnfamiljen
Michał Witkowski - Lubiewo
Chandra Prasad (editor) - Mixed

Mostly Swedish this time. Probably because our smaller (greater) publishers had a really great X-mas market sale the other day. And the day before some of my fave Swe comicbook artists signed my copies of their books.