08 February 2008

Written on the Body by Jeanette Winterson


I am wondering why most of Winterson's novels come with such horrid covers. Naked women, flowers and fruits galore, it makes for an almost embarrassing read. Who are they for? I mean, she writes about love and gender in the most wonderful way, but who is supposed to yearn reading these thingies by the awful Harlequinesque look of them? Do these tacky naked bodies make more women read her? Men? Americans? The only cover that's really acceptable, even beautiful, is Weight, published by Canongate.

"As I embalm you in my memory, the first thing I shall do is to hook out your brain through your accomodating orifices."

That line does not go with that cover. Moreover, that line made me remember the first time I read about Ancient Egypt in school and how terrified I was of the mummification process. A quite repressed thought, merci beaucoup.