29 December 2007

Orlando by Virginia Woolf


"Literature since it ate all these dinners must be growing really corpulent."

Once upon a time I borrowed this book from a certain English teacher of mine. I remember it being sort of a grand thing to be let into her little library to take one or two books to read over summer, and English being my only strong subject at the time, I was a tad proud. I did begin reading it, but couldn't for some reason get through the first page. I suppose I suffered from the same illness then as I do now, usually taking for ever just to choose which book/s to read, going through a tedious amount of little actions every time and always ending up reading three or four at a time anyway.

"Haunted! ever since I was a child."

When I was a kid I sometimes dreamed I was let into a supermarket and that I could take all the candy I wanted, but only for sixty seconds or so. I always woke up totally stressed, before that minute had passed. My stepfather said the interpretation would be that I was a greedy person, which made my old therapist really mad some twenty years later. I do have similar dreams these days, but then they're usually about books. Of course.

"We can, if we have the resolution, turn the hussy, Memory, and all her ragtag and bobtail out of the house."

I love Orlando.


The whole book can be found online here.

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