28 October 2007

Not Finishing

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At the moment I am awfully tired of not finishing any books.

These are the books I am currently not reading:

1. Nina Bouraoui - La Vie Heureuse (French is hard)
2. Marguerite Duras - L'Amant (It's too obvious a choice, I might never finish this one)
3. Marguerite Duras - Le Navire Night (It's too great)
4. Susan J. Napier - Anime - From Akira to Howl's Moving Castle (Don't know why)
5. Sara Stridsberg - Drömfakulteten (It's long)
6. Martina Haag - Martina-koden (It's fun)

Always on the list (Might be I'm still too young):

1. Marguerite Duras - Moderato Cantabile
2. Harry Martinson - Aniara
3. Simone de Beauvoir - The Second Sex

Etc, etc.

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