28 October 2007

The Ghibli Museum in Mitaka, Tokyo

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We have now been to heaven. For us and for the little Japanese kids, in a crazy Junibacken stylee. The guidebook said it was supposed to be really hard to get inside the Studio Ghibli Museum, but all we needed was a Japansese cousin and thirty minutes' worth of phonecalls and some getting tickets at some other place and... Yeah. We actually didn't dare to think that we were finally gonna go there. But we did! There was a Ghibli bus at the Mitaka station that took us to the museum. And when we got there - three stories of Totoro fun! Some wonderful rooms plastered with sketches from the movies, desks full of old used pencils, cigarette buts, inspirational books and tidbits... A room that showed the history of animation in a Ghibli way, complete with these wonderful Bouncing Totoro zoetropes.  They also had an Aardman exhibition going. And the Laputa Robot Soldier on the roof. And a real Cat Bus for the small kids (I wanted to jump on there so badly)! The shop made us both crazy - J bought an original cell from Spirited Away with No-Face on it and I got The Art of Totoro and The Art of Princess Mononoke books. Plus a bunch of small thingies and a bag with the Mama Aiuto logo that I'll be rocking back home.

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