28 October 2007

Eva Dahlgren

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I've been a real shitty reader this year. Had a look at my reading list for 2006 and so far I've read like 4 comic books and re-read a Marguerite Duras and that Nina Bouraoui diary thingy. Have been away in Mallorca, Spain for three months just working like mad, guess that has some to do with it. However, today I finished Swedish pop/rockstar Eva Dahlgren's autobiography "Hur man närmar sig ett träd" on the train back from Arboga.

When my dear assistant / new great friend / personal trainer / hairdresser Andreas asked me recently which known Swedish man's life I'd like to live I had no answer even after thinking a long while, but his Swedish known woman's life to live would be Eva Dahlgren's. That's actually a real cool answer. He also has this worn out and wonderful t-shirt with one of her album logos on it.

Eva's this tall beautiful blonde woman with a fantastic coarse voice who was my big idol in the 80's and 90's. And now she's written an autobiography about creating and not creating; it's about her writing and recording a new album. I like it.

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